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by David Foertsch
Nearly 1/3 of my email newsletters in my inbox now are screaming about Pinterest, the red-hot social sharing network.  At this point, I've spent far more time reading ABOUT Pinterest than I have actually using Pinterest. The site is a pinboard that relies heavily on eye-catching images. One look at the site and you can see why both online and online merchants are staying up all night to figure out creative ways to use Pinterest in hopes of engaging existing customers, and attracting new ones.

Here are some good tools to help you get started.  One word - as with any social interaction, don't walk in the door yelling and screaming about your products.  Take some time, observe, learn & have fun.  Just don't be "that" guy (or girl) who's all about themselves.

From AmEx Open Forum: 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips for SMBs
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WSJ Small Business Blog: What's This Pinterest Website?

Anyone have favorite Pinterest boards?  Please share them below in the comments.
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